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About Langdi

Langdi is a traditional Indian field sport, similar to hopscotch.Street game played by pre-teens in all regions of India. One kid has to hop on one leg with the other leg bent at the knee and try to tag others who are running around dodging the langdi person. Game usually ends when the poor soul tires of doing langdi or everyone disperses when their moms call them back home to do homework.

Langadi is awell known traditional Indian game. However it is interesting for kids and help to develop strength in their legs. This game is played by children of very young age in streets especially in vacations. This game is played by single leg in teams. One team members tries to catch by jumping on one leg to other team members.

Langdi Details

  • Players :15
  • Innings :4
  • Ground :9 X 9 Mtr(Under 14)
  • Ground :11 X 11 Mtr(under 18)
  • Game Time :36 Min

How We Played Langdi?

Upcoming Events

  • We are going to Organise Summer Camp on 1st May-2017 To 27th May-2017,Time 6:00AM To 8:00PM For The Age Group 10 To 18 years Children.

  • Independance Day celebration and Rope/Pole Malakhamb Demonstration on 15th Aug-2017

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