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Rope Malakhamb

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About Rope Malakhamb

It is a different type of Mallakhamb from those mentioned above and is a modernized version of the cane Mallakhamb. The structural difference between the above 2 and the Rope Mallakhamb is noteworthy. The Rope Mallakhamb is an answer to the modern day problems like space and transportation. Various Yogic and Gymnastic positions are performed gracefully on the rope Mallakhamb and that to without tying literal knots to the rope.

Rope Malkham is one of the most unknown game now a days. This game requires lot of stamina and flexibility. It is really tough game. We do Yoga on floor, the same is performed on rope in this game. This required very strong grip by each body parts on rope. This is recently declared as authentic India game.

Rope Malkham Details

  • Client :X-MAS Enterprises
  • Website :http://www.x-mas.com
  • Category :Business Analysis
  • Skill :HTML, PHP
  • Date :17 January, 2014
  • Tags :Application, web, usability

How We Played Rope Malakhamb?

Upcoming Events

  • We are going to Organise Summer Camp on 1st May-2017 To 27th May-2017,Time 6:00AM To 8:00PM For The Age Group 10 To 18 years Children.

  • Independance Day celebration and Rope/Pole Malakhamb Demonstration on 15th Aug-2017

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